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John McDonagh awarded Scott Medal!

By November 4, 2021Latest News

Congratulations to John McDonagh, Loans Officer at St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union.

Retired Garda Sergeant John McDonagh was awarded a Bronze Scott Medal for exceptional courage and bravery, involving personal risk to life in the execution of his duty.

St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union extend sincere congratulations to John.

Award of Bronze Scott Medal, Sergeant John McDonagh, Anglesea St. Garda Station.

On 2 May 2005, two masked males entered a house in Mount Oval, Rochestown, Co. Cork. One male was armed with a revolver and the other with a stun gun. The men took a pregnant woman and her four children hostage whilst waiting for the return of her husband, a prominent businessman.

On returning home, the businessman was violently assaulted, bound and gagged and a hood put over his head. He was threatened and informed that the following morning he would have to take both males to his business to hand over a large sum of money.

During the night, the businessman managed to free himself and escape and made his way to a neighbour’s house where he contacted Gardai. Uniform and armed Gardaí were dispatched to the scene and all units were made aware that the males inside the house were armed and violent. Gardaí discreetly surrounded the house.

Detective Garda John McDonagh and Garda Joe Young, both armed, took up a concealed position near the front of the house.

Both armed males left the house through the front door. Detective Garda McDonagh and Garda Young drew their official firearms and confronted the armed males. Garda Young shouted “Armed Gardaí, Armed Gardai”. One of the armed males dropped a silver revolver and lay down as instructed, and was arrested by Detective Garda McDonagh. A Silver Colt Revolver loaded with six bullets was recovered at the scene. The other armed male ran and was chased by Garda Young and was subsequently arrested and a “stun gun’ was found in his possession.

The armed suspects were subsequently charged and convicted of the offences and received custodial sentences.

For exceptional courage and bravery, involving personal risk to life in the execution of his duty, the Bronze Scott Medal is awarded to Sergeant John McDonagh.

St. Paul's Garda Credit Union