Why not take the worry out of paying those recurring bills?

  • Our Budgeting Service is absolutely free with NO fees or transaction charges
  • Spread the cost of your regular household bills over 12 months

The Budgeting Service allows you to plan for the payment of your recurring bills which you must inevitably pay. This list includes:

  • All utility companies including Electric, Gas, Phone, TV, Broadband etc.,
  • Your Mortgage, Rent, Car Tax, Insurance, Home Heating, Fuel Cards etc.,
  • Societies, Sports and Social Club membership fees etc.

You must ensure that you have budgeted sufficiently for the year and that there are sufficient funds in your Budget Account to pay all bills when they are due.

Manage your Account Online

St Paul’s Garda Credit Union Ltd. recommended that you register online for secure online account access to enable you to view and manage your Account online.