Online Access

These days nearly everything can be done online – so why should banking with St. Paul’s Credit Union be any different?

St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union App

St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union App is designed to help you manage your credit union accounts ”on the go” and in a way that is convenient to you.

Budget Accounts

The Budgeting Service allows you to plan for the payment of your recurring bills which you must inevitably pay.

Circle K Fuel Card

Save 4 cent per litre off Diesel & Unleaded at Topaz.

DCI Fuel Card

Get 4 cent per litre off the pump price of Motor Diesel & Petrol at over 800 DCI Core Sites.

Three Mobile

Members of St. Paul’s can avail of reduced mobile call rates from Three Mobile.

Foreign Exchange

In conjunction with FEXCO, we can supply you with all your foreign currency requirements at a very competitive rate.

Members Prize Draw

The Prize Draw is our members’ chance to win a brand new car and cash prizes every month.

Payroll Deduction Scheme

This is a facility for all employees in the workforce to save or repay a loan.

Electronic Funds Transfer

You can transfer funds electronically from your Credit Union account to a bank account of your choice.

Direct Debits

Direct Debits in and out of your account can be set up with St. Paul’s Credit Union.

Standing Orders

A standing order is an automatic regular payment but the amount debited is fixed.

Savings Insurance & Death Benefit Grant

Life Savings insurance up to €12,700, on your Shares, and a Death Benefit Grant of €2,500 to the next of kin/family of deceased members.